Vital Statistics Annual and Provisional Reports

These annual and provisional reports summarize data compiled from the original birth, death, fetal death, marriage, and dissolution records filed with the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics, as required by law.

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Annual Reports: Available in PDF format starting with 1998.
Select a year from the Florida Vital Statistics Annual Reports year selection box. To open a section, click on the PDF icon to the right of the desired section. To save a copy of a section, place the mouse over the PDF icon, right click, and select “save target as”.

For Section Reports on "Fetal and Infant Deaths" (Table F-7 for years 1999-2013). A review of ICD coding has resulted in some records in the category "Unint Inj: Other Suffocation & Strangulation" (W84) being reclassified to "Unint Inj: Suffocation & Strangulation in Bed" (W75). For corrected counts, please visit

Provisional Reports: Available starting with 2006. Select a year from the box in front of the Florida Vital Statistics Provisional Reports. Next, click on the radio button to the right. From the next page, select the particular table you need. The individual tables may be exported to formats such as MS Excel, MS Word and Adobe PDF.
Florida Vital Statistics Annual Reports
Entire Annual Report
Fetal and Infant Deaths
Marriages and Dissolutions of Marriage
Terminations of Pregnancy (through 2007)
Florida Vital Statistics Provisional Reports
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2013 Annual Report in interactive book format